Anna Haulenbeek

Paintings & Drawings


In 1969 I attended dance classes at the Martha Graham Studio in N.Y.C. After a B.A. in Dance from Mills College, my continued focus was dance, which I trained and taught for 25 years. From 1998 through the present time, I have been on a quest to draw and paint. First I drew with my two children. They inspired me.

Drawing and painting the figure is my challenge and inspiration. I studied at Cabrillo Jr. College for eight years completing all the requirements for a degree in painting in studio art (except Art History). I studied with Barbara Bailey Porter, Susie Wilson, Joan Hellenthal, Mary Jo Koch, Pauline Agnew, Martin Campos, as well as Felicia Forte, Lindsay Kusich, Diana Corvelle and Jacob Hankenson at the Sadie Valerie studio San Francisco. The teachers who have influenced me the most are Michelle Giulvezan Tanner, Melinda Cootsona, and Jerry Mcglaughlin.

The artists who inspire me are Alice Neel, Rembrandt, Ann Gade, Melinda Cootsona, and Brian Rutenberg.

I begin with a 1:1 ratio of oil and cold wax medium (CWM) squeegeed on a wood panel in 3 contrasting layers of wet on wet paint.  In this most malleable stage the oil and CWM is receptive to a wide range textural techniques. The mixture is wet but it has body and is imprinted by nearly anything that is pressed into it. The surface can be built up with palette knives, brayers and squeegees, or scraped away or incised with lines as the many layers are added. 

Over time adding the many layers, complexity and depth result leaving traces visible by the transparency of the wax and paint removal. I improvise to the unplanned nature of this medium.  I feel like an archeologist unearthing the layers of time when I scrape off parts of the layers. 

Future Exhibitions

2023               Scotts Valley Library, Scotts Valley, CA., October-December, 2023.

Solo Exhibitions

2012               Azhar, Santa Cruz, CA., “First Friday Five Years of My Work”

Group Exhibitions

2020               deYoung Museum, San Francisco, CA., “Open Exhibit – On the Edge”. October 10, 2020 to January 3, 2021.

2013               Eloise Pickard Smith Gallery, Santa Cruz, CA., “The Drawing Salon”

2013               Vino Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA., “First Friday Faces and Places”

2012               Michaelangelo Gallery, Santa Cruz, CA., “Day of the Dead”

2012               Santa Cruz Art League, Santa Cruz, CA., “Santa Cruz Watercolor Society – Best of the West (Honorable Mention)”

2009               Pajaro Valley Art Center, Watsonville, CA.

2009               Cabrillo College, Aptos, CA., “Saladarity: an Amalgamation of Sprouting Artists”

2009-2013     Santa Cruz Art League, Santa Cruz, CA.